ethnic handbags for women in india
Indian Ethnic Handbags

Ethnic Handbags That You Should Buy From India Only

For a woman, a handbag is her ultimate arm-candy. One of the things that we can’t leave house without, our tote is where we put our entire life together in one place. Which is why, it is more important to ensure that our handbag complement our personality and is a style statement. Now if you’re an Indian woman living outside the country, we feel your pain. Finding that one ethnic handbag that suits your traditional attire is almost next to impossible when you don’t have the famed street markets of India to shop from. Worry no more! Now you can shop from India and get all those desired handbags delivered to you at your doorstep.

1. Pink Sling Bag bag

When you don’t want to carry much and still need an ethnic touch to your ensemble, this pretty pink sling bag is your godsend answer. The right amount of bling and a comfortable strap seal the deal for us.

2. Coin-Work Clutch

Clutches are pretty and that’s not even up for discussion. However, wouldn’t it be better if your clutch had an element that its contemporaries lack! Mirror-work is huge in India and flaunting this truly-Indian piece overseas will help you earn brownie points.

3. Thread-Work Tote

Thread-Work Tote

Stay in style, even when you’re almost carrying your entire world on the go. This vibrant embroidered tote is your best bet if you just can’t get over your love for ethnic. With thin straps and a large storage space, this one’s surely worth the moolah.

4. Abstract Printed Messenger Bag

Canvas Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are beautiful. But we haven’t seen something as pretty as this abstract-printed one yet. With the reasonable amount of space and a unique colour to boast of, who wouldn’t want to flaunt such a muted yet classy handbag.

5. Gold-Work Potli Bag

Dice Bag

Perfect to show off at weddings, this gorgeous potli bag can grab attention even in a crowd. With striking work and a gold beaded strap, Its universal color combo ensures that it goes brilliantly with almost every attire.

6. Tribal Printed Messenger Bag

Pick Pocket Bag

An everyday bag in the truest of sense, this black-and-red beauty is for the chic woman who doesn’t want to go OTT. Tribal prints are huge these days and who wouldn’t want a handbag that goes with the trend.