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ShoppRe - Logistics service, Franchise opportunity, International Courier

ShoppRe Logistics service, Franchise opportunity

Our team of logistics experts have developed a streamlined shipping and handling process, tailored to handle challenges unique to India. They worry about customs and red tape so you don’t have to.

All while ensuring fast, dependable service at unbelievably low prices!

Our influence and bulk shipping volume have allowed ShoppRe to build long-term partnerships with every major global shipper, including DHL, DTDC and more. As our partners, these global shippers provide ShoppRe with the lowest possible rates, fastest delivery times and best shipping solutions.

We analyse routes and rates so members can choose the fastest or most affordable delivery, depending upon their needs.


₹10,000 INR

(Includes Membership fees and Branding expenses as name board and marketing expenses)

Franchise Duration

12 Months

Franchise duration is 12 month and its renewable contract



Special Discount Rates

More than 25% Discounts. To understand Normal Retail rates

Benefit of Franchise with

How It Works

Franchise has a unique model at the heart of its success. The franchise system assists start-ups with minimal capital investment and helps them generate business and profit for themselves.

Register &
Setup Office

Become a Franchise with Shoppre and start your own courier outlet. Get Access to multiple Courier vendors Like DHL, FedEx, DTDC and many

Start Courier with

Where you become service partner of ShoppRe and ShoppRe allots a specific area to the Franchise and the Franchise can do business from anywhere even from different cities.

Start Earning Profit
from 1st Day

Now the earning potential is limitless as if the business location is prime and person has very good contact in market, he earns by retail business.

Eligibility/ Requirements:

Training Details

Agreement & Term Details

How long is the franchise term for?
12 months
Is the term renewable?

Franchise Benefits:

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