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International Courier To Indonesia, Starting @₹1661/-

Courier Charges Per Kg from India to Indonesia



Per 0.5 Kg


Per 1 Kg


Per 2 Kg


Per 3 Kg


Per 4 Kg


Per 5 Kg


Per 10 Kg


Per 20 Kg


Per 50 Kg

How to ship Internationally to Indonesia from India?

Struggle-free International Courier solution from India to Indonesia.

Do you want your parcel to be shipped Internationally?

Struggling with the delayed delivery or high shipment rates with the International courier services you currently use?

Are you using the same wondering, you don’t have any other option?

Ever heard of ShoppRe? ShoppRe is the International courier solution that provides you with the hassle-free International shipping service at an affordable rate within 3-6 working days anywhere across the globe.

Want to know how we help you cut down your shipping charges?

ShoppRe is the shipping and consolidating solution, we receive your orders even when it’s more than one, arriving on different dates. We store them in your lockers provided by us for free(for 20 days) until all of them arrive. Once after the arrival of all the packages, we re-pack them all in one and then ship it to you abroad. This helps you cut the shipping rates up to 80%.

How much time will it take for a package to reach Indonesia from India?

ShoppRe takes 3-6 working days for a package to be delivered to any location in Indonesia from India.

Through which Indian Online store, I can shop and ship things to Indonesia?

You can shop from any Indian online store including Flipkart, Myntra, eBay, Jabong, Nykaa, and many more and get it all shipped to your doorsteps in Indonesia.


Very few homemade items are only allowed to be shipped overseas and rest is strictly prohibited and this is the reason why we do not encourage the shipment of homemade food, but we do ship packed(branded) food products.

You can’t export medicines to the citizens of other countries, however, you can export medicines for your family members or friends residing there, along with proper prescription and an authorization letter from the concerned drug regulatory authority of the country.

How it Works

Schedule A Pickup

After getting your FREE estimate, fill in the order form accordingly and submit it to schedule your pickup

We’ll Pick It Up

Within 48 hours of you making the request, we’ll come to your doorsteps to pickup your package(s).

Sign Up at ShoppRe

Sign up at ShoppRe and start making a payment. We’ll ship the same to your foreign location once after your payment confirmation to us

Dispatch in 24 Hours

We’ll complete the documentation & dispatch your package(s) to one of our courier partners as soon as possible.

Receive your Package

You will receive your package at your door step within 3-6 shipping days.

Top Features and Benefits:

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