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International Courier To UK, Starting @₹1566/-

Courier Charges Per Kg from India to UK



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Per 1 Kg


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Easy, Affordable International Courier From India to UK

Looking for the cheapest way to send a parcel to UK from India? Well, look no more.

ShoppRe comes with a streamlined set of shipping services that makes International shipping to London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool & more; you name it, we ship there.


ShoppRe, you can trust that is the one that offers the most cheap international courier from India to UK. The shipping costs of a particular package depends on its actual weight and the volumetric weight. While sending books, like the others, the greater of the two will be considered for billing.

Check out our courier charges from India to UK per kg. here & get a FREE estimate for your package.

ShoppRe Courier takes care of all your courier needs while sending a courier from India to UK. We offer pickups from wherever your package is, and an immediate dispatch spanning up to just 48 hours. We have some fancy services such as gift wrapping, and adding a note inside etc. for your gift as well. You can expect the gift to reach the destination in just 3-6 business days.

Of course you can. We offer domestic and commercial moving services which include the complete relocation of your residence or office.

One of our major services is Shop & Ship via which you can shop all you want from India and ship the packages to us. We’ll consolidate all your packages, after receiving them and storing them in a FREE personal locker for 20 days in which time you can make a request to ship. Your shipment will be dispatched to one of our finest courier partners and will reach your door in just 3-6 days.

All kinds of jewelry except those fall under fancy, priceless category can be shipped. You just have to ship your purchases to us, and we’ll take it from there. All forwards are expected to reach their destination in just 3-6 business days safe and sound.  

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