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Buy AND Women Pink Printed A-Line Dress from Myntra and get it shipped to Jeddah


Online Shopping from India and Ship To Jeddah

Who doesn’t like to experiment with the colors in their day to day life?

Myntra brings you the colorful fancy Dresses which are enough to turn your day bright and cheerful. We recently shipped total 21 Women dresses from Myntra India to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Below are the top 10 Women’s Dresses purchased.

  • AND Pink Printed A-Line Dress
  • Sangria Green Printed Fit and Flare Dress
  • Vishudh Navy Blue Printed Anarkali Kurta
  • SASSAFRAS White Printed Detail Empire Dress
  • RARE ROOTS Golden Printed Midi A-Line Dress
  • Vishudh Yellow Printed Maxi Dress
  • Vishudh Lime Green Printed Maxi Dress
  • Nayo Black & Golden Printed Salwar
  • AKS Grey & Golden Printed Maxi Dress
  • AND Maroon Floral Print A-Line Dress

Specifics & Where did the customer shop from? – Top 4 Products

Product Type

Women Clothing

Total No. of Products


Total Product Cost (₹)


Weight of the Entire Package(Kg)

Actual Weight


Volumetric Weight


Chargeable Weight


weight scale for packages courier

₹ - Shipping Charges to Jeddah from India

Sub Total


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Discount Reward


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Final Shipping Charges


Payment Mode 

Razor Pay

Dispatched From

Bengaluru, India

Dispatched To

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dispatched On

May 02nd, 2019

Delivered On

May 05th, 2019

Dispatched Duration

3 days

Shipping Partner


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