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If you are a British or an Indian living in the United Kingdom and is longing for Indian products then you have stepped in at just the right place. Shipping overseas has never been so simple and pocket-friendly.

Here at we thrive to reduce your shipping charges and other difficulties you face while ordering from the United Kingdom. ShoppRe provides you with the most amazing service of global shipping with no hidden costs and extremely convenient procedure. It not only helps you save those extra bucks in your pocket but it also comes with many other user-friendly functions which makes it one of the best package forwarding company to buy your favorite products from any online Indian shopping stores in India and get it shipped to you, anywhere in the UK.

How it Works

In order to avail the wonderful benefits provided by ShoppRe, all you have to do is follow five simple steps

Sign Up at

Sign up at ShoppRe and start shipping goods from India to your Address, in UK

Get Virtual Shopping Address

You will get virtual address as soon as you sign up

Place your

Place your order from any Indian online stores and set delivery address as your virtual address.

Accumulate items in FREE locker

Accumulate items from various stores in FREE locker

Receive your

You will receive your package at your door step.

Not able to order from local India websites?

Are you unable to make payment with your international card or do you like the items from an Indian website but they only ship locally? Don’t you worry. We, at ShoppRe, are here to your rescue.

We provide you with an amazing feature of PERSONAL SHOPPER. All you have to do is provide your personal shopper with the details of the product/products that you want to buy and he/she will do the shopping for you. This feature helps you to buy even from a local website which would have not been possible if you were purchasing it on your own.

International Shipping cost from India to UK?

Save up to 60–80% of the total cost compare to any other shipping services. Now worry less, because we have partnered with high value courier services such as DHL, DTDC and more, to choose shipping that arrives quickly or the cost effective one. We not only help you in buying products online but also send business consignment, personal packages, documents or gifts to your dear ones tracking door-to-door shipment process.

At ShoppRe, we ensure to provide the best quality services alongside insurance and security of the parcel at nominal rates.

Save up to 80% off on International Shipping to UK from India.


international shipping online shopping india to uk

Want to explore more Indian sites but have no idea about where to find the best?

Is the thought of being cheated on fake sites or wasting time finding that one perfect product that you want to keep you from buying from an Indian site?

For someone who has no idea or knowledge about Indian Markets and about where they can find the best Indian products from, it could be really for them to buy their desired product. This problem is also solved here at ShoppRe.

ShoppRe comes with a very handy feature of browsing Indian stores. For a buyer who is entirely based on U.K and has no knowledge about Indian markets can easily browse the best websites for buying Indian Products just with a click of a button. This saves the buyer’s time which he would have otherwise spent in exploring multiple sites. Apart from saving buyer’s time, this feature also protects him from getting cheated by any unauthentic website by providing him the list of best of sites.

Alongside these entire exceptional features, one can also check the shipping charges which are going to be levied upon him by using the special Shipping calculator which lets you calculate the charges based on the weight, length, and type, etc. of the package. ShoppRe gives you the benefits of exceptionally high discounts and the efficiency of trusted courier partners such as DHL, DTDC, etc. Not only can you shop for yourself but you can also send gifts and packages to your loved and dear ones. Worrying should not be one thing on your to-do list because here at ShoppRe, we only deal with authentic sites and more so authentic courier services. You will also receive a Tracking Id while your package will reach your destination.

Top Features and Benefits:


Shopping from India to the UK, now made easy by ShoppRe services such as Assisted Purchase9(Concierge Shopping) and Self Shopping.  Get your Free ShoppRe Virtual Address Code, buy brand or product you love from any India’s online store, set your delivery address as ShoppRe Adress. Get notified when package reach to your ShoppRe Adress, We Consolidate Your Packages purchased from different Indian stores & Ship to You, anywhere in the UK. 

Save Up to 80% on shipping to the UK with ShoppRe consolidation service 3-6 Day Shipping.

Shipping from India to the United Kingdom, Made Easy by

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