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PAPER NAPKINS are the most used single-use items. But, this is a 100% plastic-free and purely sustainable product.

Aqua Tissues Eco-friendly Everyday Allpurpose Recycled White Soft Tissue Paper Napkins

Key features

  • 🍀 100% PLASTIC FREE: Designed and packed uniquely using kraft paper which gives good strength and they are also sealed with starch-based adhesive. Master cartons are packed with water-activated paper tape

  • 🍀 FINEST QUALITY RECYCLED PAPER: These soft tissues are highly absorbent of liquid spillage and any wet surfaces with great ease

  • 🍀 DISPOSE WORRY-FREE: Since the product is completely plastic-free and bio-degradable it helps especially at large gatherings to eliminate waste

  • 🍀 USE IT EVERYDAY, EVERYWHERE: Helps you to maintain freshness and hygiene at all places (kitchen, living room, dining, bathroom, car, picnic, parties, workplace offices and travelling)

  • 🍀 CLAIM YOURSELF A CLIMATE WARRIOR: Certified that product is made from recycled paper pulp and also this product is recyclable, you can proudly claim you are an eco-warrior.



  • To open, tear gently at the rear side. Pick the no of the tissues you require and use them later



  • Kitchen- with food(snacks/parties), cutlery and frying

  • Bathroom- in general, and to wipe face for every purpose

  • Outdoor- car, picnic, businesses and offices

  • You can also use them at the dining table and other living spaces



  • Unique and stylish packaging made from reusable or bio-degradable kraft paper, so that you would never need a dispenser

  • Comes with the exact count



  • A product that uses virgin paper pulp and uses “Plastic” packaging



  • They can be used until they are physically torn/damaged

  • Prone to moisture

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