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Are you addicted to beauty care and wellness products?

Are you looking forward to getting it delivered to your place abroad? Shopping with Nykaa through ShoppRe can be the solution for this.​

Nykaa is proving itself being India’s No. 1 Beauty destination. It is a multi-brand beauty retailer, which sells cosmetic and wellness products at affordable prices and with multiple offers for its existing as well as new customers. It attracts people staying in India as well as abroad because of its rich collection of products. Beauty and wellness products belong only to women is a myth as Nykaa beings a beauty brand retailer has numerous products for men as well. Nykaa believes that even men’s skin needs care.

So, here is the list of few Nykaa products for men

Top brands for Men Nykaa deals with

Beardo, Gilette, Livon, Nivea, Park Avenue​

List of Nykaa products for Women

List of Nykaa products can be categorized into various categories such as Makeup, Skin, Hair, Appliances, Personal care, Natural products, mom and baby, wellness and fragrance. Each and every product you need, which falls under these categories are available on Nykaa.

Do you want your Nykaa products to be shipped Internationally?

As Nykaa doesn’t serve you with the International Shipping facility

ShoppRe provides you with the most trusted shipping and affordable International shipping rates. Shoppre helps you Shop with Nykaa and getting it delivered to the USA, Canada, Germany or anywhere across the globe.

Customers generally face difficulties with International shipping and payments. Shipping from India to the USA, Uk, Australia, Germany, Canada, UAE, or any other country across the globe comes with numerous issues like the website not accepting the International Credit/ Debit card, high shipping rates, and many more. To help you overcome such issues ShoppRe provides you with its various services such as for the website not accepting the International Credit/ Debit card, ShoppRe provides you the Personal Shopper who does it all on your behalf, and when it comes to the high International shipping rates, ShoppRe provides you with the most affordable shipping cost and even benefits you with its offers from time to time.

What makes ShoppRe the best International shipping solution amongst all?

ShoppRe is a shipping and consolidation company with an idea of always being able to help the Global Community, and their need to shop authentic products from any Indian online store and help them ship it all at an affordable price.

Our Repackaging & Package Consolidation services, helps you cut down the shipping costs up to 80%.

So, if you are looking for the Nykaa International shipping from India to any part of the world, ShoppRe undoubtedly will turn out to be your best choice.

How Does ShoppRe Work?

International Credit/Debit Cards Giving You Trouble?

No worries! Our Personal Shopper will swoop in & take care of it all for you!

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Here Are Some of Our Many Featured Services & Benefits

Shopping from from a different country?

Join us now for a lifetime of effortless
Online shopping NYKAA with international shipping from India!

How to shop from Nykaa?

Shop Nykaa products

Shop for the beauty product you need to purchase from Nykaa online and select the payment mode as COD(Cash on delivery) on the provided virtual address by ShoppRe.

Pay & Receive

We will make a payment on your behalf and collect your belongings. We’ll ship the same to your foreign location once after your payment confirmation to us through PayPal, RazorPay, etc.

Ship in @ 80% Less Cost

Save up to 80% in shipping costs as we wait around for 20 days for all your purchases to reach us - for FREE, and repackage & ship them to your doorsteps as one!

Unbox Your Package

We'll dispatch your shipment within 24 hours of you making a request to ship, and it will reach you safe & sound within 3-6 days, no matter wherever in the world you are!

Frequently Asked Questions:

No, Nykaa doesn’t ship internationally, you can use ShoppRe for International shipping service.

Yes! You can buy any beauty product from India on Nykaa and get it shipped to the USA through ShoppRe which provides you with the International shipping facility.

Yes! you can shop on Nykaa through ShoppRe and get it shipped to any desired location across the globe.

Of course. We strive to make the shipping costs of our customers as low as possible. So, we’d be behind you 100% in this matter as our main service that allows you save up is our Package Consolidation. You can make use of our 20-day FREE storage for collecting your books as well.

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