ethnic footwear for men and women
Ethnic Footwear

The Best Kinds Of Ethnic Footwear For Men And Women

In the fashion world, shoes are considered to be a very important extension of our personality. Be it western or Indian, an ensemble is only considered to be complete when clothes are complemented with fitting shoes. Well, much has been written about western footwear; be it stilettos or sneakers.

Now it’s time to enlighten traditional design shoes. Indian footwear did initially take a backseat, especially when it came to Indians who don’t reside in the country. However, thanks to shipping companies in India, NRIs can now easily buy ethnic footwear online and get it delivered to their doorstep. Listing the best kinds of ethnic footwear for both men and women.

Women Kolhapuri Chappal

Women Ethnic Kolhapuri Chappal

Chappals are the first love of every woman who loves ethnic wear. The best part about these colourful pieces is that they can be very easily paired with both Indian wear and western wear for a boho Indo-western appeal. Guess women’s ethnic footwear was never the same after the invention of chappals.

Mochi BROWN Kolhapuri Chappal

Women Mochi BROWN Kolhapuri Chappal

Almost synonymous with handcrafted footwear for women, kolhapuris add the touch of Indian ethnicity to almost everything that’s teamed with it. Varying in shades of brown, kolhapuri chappals originated from Kolhapur and are now popular in India and worldwide. Wondering where you’d find your match? Scroll through online shopping sites India.

Punjabi Juttis

Women Punjabi Jutti

Pretty, vibrant juttis are the best way to enhance the look of traditional Indian clothes like salwar suits and kurtis. Apart from being closed and extremely comfortable, juttis are also available in a mind-boggling variety of colours and designs. Don’t panic about not finding your perfect match; just shop from India.

Mojari Juti For Mens

Mojari Juti For Mens

Since we aren’t leaving the men behind this time, mojaris were our first choice when it came to ethnic footwear for men. Though ideally considered to be a wedding choice, mojaris are no having their moment in the footwear scenario. From simple to embroidered to multicoloured ones; men are now finding it difficult to choose just one.

Kolhapuri Chappal For Men

Kolhapuri Chappal For Men

While mojaris are closed and more suitable for heavy-duty occasions, kolhapuris are the match for the lazy Indian man. Whether they live in the country or overseas, men are innately more comfort-oriented, which is why kolhapuri chappals need to be highlighted. So guys, no more facing hassles to buy ethnic footwear online because shipping from India is no longer a task.

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