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Last Minute Diwali Decor Items To Buy From India

The biggest festival of India is drawing closer even as we speak. Its time of the year when just walking through the streets becomes a visual treat. The preparations are on full swing and we’re pretty sure you’re already sorted with your apparel and makeup for the D Day! But what about your house? Is it Diwali ready or are you still struggling with décor pieces that somehow don’t fit the bill? We gotcha there!

A few trademark Diwali pieces are considered signs of good luck and wealth, which is why they should be present in every home. You living abroad is not an excuse any longer! Buy Diwali home décor piece from online shopping sites and get them delivered to your doorstep through Shoppre.

Multicolor Decorative Showpiece

Ganesh Chowki

According to the Hindu calendar, Diwali is also considered to be the commencement of a new year. Hence, the worship of Lord Ganesha. Since most houses conduct a small pooja of the elephant God, this gold embossed Ganesh Chowki is a must. This one tops our list of favourite Diwali décor items online.

Acrylic Rangoli

Acrylic Rangoli

Can’t draw a perfect Rangoli but in awe of the ones your friends flaunt at their thresholds? Give this pretty paisley, lightweight acrylic Rangoli a try. The best part is that it’s reusable and doesn’t need to be done away with after Diwali! Right, what you need. Make Diwali 2017 a bigger celebration with this beauty!

3 Diya Oil Lamp Brass Hanging Diya

Ganesha Diya Wall Hanging

Apart from the trademark mud diyas, why don’t you give a unique touch to your walls with this brass Ganesha hanging Diya holder? Not only will the bells provide religious significance, but Lord Ganesha’s carved face will also aesthetically transform your abode. Shop from India at special discounted prices.

Diwali Lights

Diwali Lights

Fairy lights are to Diwali what a Christmas tree is to Christmas, something that you just can’t do without. This Diwali, invest in this string of 330 multicolored LED lights that are controlled by a remote. Hang them in whichever pattern you like, it’ll just make your home shine even brighter.

door toran

Diwali Toran

What is the first thing that guests will be noticing while visiting you this festive season? The toran on the entrance, of course! A beautiful god-dusted string of artificial leaves, with tiny Ganeshas embedded on each one of them, this terracotta toran should be the must-buy this Diwali.