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The Ultimate Sunglasses Guide According To Your Face Shape

Can’t step out of the house without your trusted pair of sunglasses? High-five! Our totes too can’t imagine life without them. Now if you’re a beginner in the huge wide world of sunglasses, you can meticulously try each one of them to find your own match at the very end. Or otherwise you could just play smart and follow this super-helpful checklist about what’ll look the best on you, given your face shape. People residing out of the country, India is home to some of the best brands. We’d say have a look and buy from India.

Fashion Mod Chic High Pointed Cat

Heart-Shaped Face

The most prominent characteristics of a heart-shaped face is a sharp jawline and a pointy chin. Hence, the need for a frame that’s wider on the top. Cat eye frames are the obvious choice since it will help soften the features really well. Choose from a wide range of cat eye frames; browse through online shopping sites India.

Men Wayfarer Sunglasses

Round Face

Chubby cheeks and a wide cheekbone categorize a typical, round face. Such people usually face a tough time in creating a narrower illusion since their face almost has the same width across from top to bottom. Oversized, rectangular frames break the monotony of such a face and provide an added charm. Wayfarers are currently huge in the market, why not shop from India and let shipping companies to deliver your latest purchase to you.

oval face sunglasses

Oval Face

An oval face begins with a narrow forehead, widens at the cheeks and then tapers again towards the chin. Also termed as the most universal of all face shapes, these people are fortunate enough to pull off any pair of sunglasses in style. However, aviators really enhance the appeal of their face shape since they keep the proportion in mind and don’t go too overboard with the size. They are neither too large, nor too small. Purchase stylish aviators through online shopping India.


Square Face

A face that’s almost geometrically cut, such people are blessed with really sharp features. A strong jaw and a wide forehead, however, make things difficult when it comes to choosing the right pair of shades. Round glasses with a long bridge and rimless edges work well on such a frame. Many online shopping sites offer major discounts so why don’t you grab your pair of sunnies in an online sunglasses sale?